With the advent of globalization, the Middle East has seen a large increase in the volume of litigation

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

Arbitration is the preferred method of dispute resolution in the Middle East

Corporate and Commercial

We believe in a pro-active approach with our quality assured services and understand the importance of acting quickly and responding to urgency

Construction and Engineering

The Middle East has seen phenomenal growth in the construction and development industry

Real Estate

We are committed to excellence and dedicated to the efficient use of resources in the pursuit of a successful result

Halal Consultancy

Our firm’s consultancy service consists of 5 main steps as per UAE’s regulation and standards

United Advocates is one of the fastest-growing law firms in the UAE

Our team is composed of highly skilled and trained lawyers qualified to practice in diverse jurisdictions. We have specialised teams with specific focus to specialised areas of law in response to multifaceted globalization of legal practice. We operate locally and internationally through our branch network and associated offices.

Recent Matters

United Advocates recently represented a major company and obtained a favorable judgement by dismissing the claim of AED 60,000,000.

United Advocates successfully obtained judgement for compensation against a well-known medical clinic in Dubai due to medical negligence.

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Questions to Ask When an Employer Wishes to Pay a Subcontractor Directly

Is Your Project’s Documentation Ready to Face the COVID-19 Financial Crunch?

COVID-19 and its possible classification as a Material Adverse Effect


News & Events


Certificate of Appreciation for United Advocates’ Voluntary Legal Services

  We are grateful to the Dubai Legal Affairs Department for their kind gesture and appreciation granted to United Advocates for participating in their Voluntary Legal Services.  


United Advocates in collaboration with The Madrid Chamber organized a conference held in Spain, to talk about the business opportunities in Egypt and the Mega Project

On Wednesday, October 23, United Advocates in collaboration with The Madrid Chamber organized a day to explore the business climate of Egypt. Our  Chairman, Mr. Abdallah Alzari and CEO, Mr. Read more…

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