Gabriela Dasopoulos


Gabriela Dasopoulos


Gabriela Dasopoulos is one of the most experienced corporate lawyers of the United Advocates team in Romania.

Gabriela’s expertise covers diverse areas from Corporate and Commercial Law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring to real estate and intellectual property.

Gabriela is a Faculty of law graduate from the University of Bucharest and holds a Bachelor of Judicial Studies and an LLM (Liquidation of Companies). She is also certified by the Romanian National Agency of Real Estate Appraisals for receiving the Master’s In Real Estate Appraisals.

Her memberships include Bucharest BAR, Attorney at law at the Supreme Court of Romania (1997); ANEVAR – Romanian Agency of Real Estate Appraisals; UNPIR – Liquidator of Companies – Romanian Union of Liquidators of Companies and Romanian Ministry of Justice as Certified Greek and English Translator.