Legal Consultancy Firms in Dubai

legal consultancy firms in dubai


To hire a lawyer, there is no question of choosing him lightly. In order for your case to be handled well, whether it be advice or defense, you absolutely need to choose the right lawyer from legal consultancy firms in dubai. Criteria must be taken into account to make the right choice.

The nature of the case

The nature of your case plays a big role in choosing your lawyer. Do you need legal advice or support in court? While some lawyers specialize in advice, others are more comfortable defending your rights in litigation or litigation. Also note that some cases require the intervention of a specialist lawyer.

The geographic location of legal consultancy firms in dubai

For day-to-day cases that can be handled by general lawyers, it is best to hire a professional near you to avoid travel costs. If, however, the case requires the skills of a specialist, this criterion no longer holds if a specialist is not available near you. To reduce your expenses, some exchanges can still be done by e-mail or by phone.

Contact and communication

The first contact you make with your lawyer is a determining factor in the quality of his work. He has an educational role towards his client and during the first interview, you must absolutely remain attentive to his behavior. A good lawyer makes it clear to you the implications of handling your case. To understand your needs, he will not hesitate to ask you questions. To understand your business, he must also listen to you.

Fees and reputation of legal consultancy firms in dubai

Many factors condition the lawyer’s remuneration, such as the presence of assistants, the size of the firm or the length of time it takes to process the case. His experience, his notoriety and your financial situation also have an impact on his fees. An excellent lawyer from legal consultancy firms in dubai always educates their client about their fee practice on the first meeting. Once he agrees to process your file, he will have to draw up a fee agreement.

As for his reputation, this criterion is essential to verify to ensure that the case is entrusted to an experienced lawyer from legal consultancy firms in dubai. However, check to see if he has the skills to handle your case. A benchmark lawyer is easily recognized by his visibility on the Internet. Recommendations are also greatly appreciated as the case really falls within the lawyer’s field of intervention.