Expert Litigation Service in Dubai

Top Litigation Law Firm Dubai

Based in Dubai, United Advocates is a leading litigation law firm. We have in-depth knowledge of UAE legislation and specialize in handling various cases. Whether civil or criminal affairs, we provide legal assistance and the best litigation service for all matters. Our litigation lawyers are highly qualified to practice in diverse jurisdictions and represent clients before various UAE courts and tribunals. They offer litigation and dispute resolution in real estate, commercial and criminal affairs while safeguarding the client’s rights. Successful litigation also demands the proper drafting of documents; thus, we manage all documents to prevent any delays in the proceedings. Our goal is to obtain a favorable judgment while adhering to the country’s law. Moreover, foreign law firms and companies regularly request our Dubai law firm to advise and strategize on local court cases and litigation procedures.

Our law firm also has expertise in other law areas. We have an excellent team of arbitration lawyers, maritime lawyers, commercial lawyers, and real estate lawyers in the UAE.

Considerations for Hiring the Best Litigation Lawyer

There are various aspects to consider before hiring litigation lawyers, which are:


Ensure that the lawyer has obtained a valid license from the legal affairs department at the emirate level and the ministry of justice at the federal level to offer litigation service in the country.


The other crucial factor, depending on which attorney to choose, is their degree of practical experience in the legal field. It will aid in strategizing the case and achieving a successful outcome.


It is advised not to pick a successful lawyer blindly. Instead, you should look into their areas of expertise, as Dubai lawyers have core specializations, including personal law, commercial law, real estate, and criminal affairs.

Client Testimonials

An individual must read the testimonials from the client or the success stories to make the right choice of an advocate who can resolve their case in court and assure them a favorable outcome.

Our Litigation Service

Our litigation lawyers in Dubai provide litigation and dispute resolution service. They gather all the information related to the case to understand it well before offering bespoke solutions to ensure a win.

Below are some of the common services offered by our litigation law firm:

  • Prosecuting and defending civil and commercial claims, such as those involving property and construction contracts, tenancy and labor issues, criminal and domestic affairs, and all other forms of urgent matters, from the Court of First Instance to the Court of Cassation.
  • Implementing decisions, filing the necessary paperwork, and appealing judgments.
  • Submitting and handling police complaints and defending clients in front of the concerned authorities.

Our Recent Projects

  • Our professional litigation lawyer in Dubai successfully represented a well-known UAE contractor in attaching the liquidation of a $75 million bank guarantee against a major international contractor.
  • Represented several European citizens with complex criminal charges before the UAE authorities.
  • Obtained a successful judgment in the labor court for a private client of an amount of AED 500,000.