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Maritime & Shipping

Experienced Shipping Lawyers in Dubai

Expert Maritime and Shipping Legal Services in UAE

Our team of highly experienced and skilled lawyers in Dubai is committed to providing our clients with top-notch legal services and expertise in all areas of maritime and shipping law. At our law firm in Dubai, we understand the complexities and challenges of the maritime industry, which is why we offer comprehensive legal services to our clients, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation. The lawyers and advocates at our firm have vast experience in dealing with both domestic and international maritime legal issues. We work with a wide range of clients, including ship owners, managers, charterers, fleet owners, operators, P&I Clubs, underwriters, insurers, shipbuilders, and repairers.

Our law firm’s extensive knowledge in shipping law stems from our strong connections with the industry and years of hands-on experience. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of complex shipping issues in the region. This includes dealing with disputes in both “wet” and “dry” shipping domains, as well as handling non-contentious matters such as ship finance and contracts. Whether you are facing a legal issue in the maritime industry or require legal advice on any aspect of shipping law, our advocates in Dubai are here to provide you with the best possible legal support and guidance. Besides shipping and maritime experts, you can also get in touch with United Advocates if you are seeking the assistance of a real estate lawyer or a commercial lawyer in Dubai. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs.

What We Offer?

We are committed to delivering timely and effective legal services and working closely with our maritime industry clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Our goal is to find the most cost-efficient solutions to their legal problems. In addition to offering consultation and guidance, our legal firm specializes in delivering outstanding service through the following services:

  • Vessel arrest and locating assets
  • Handling conflicts and disputes relating to Bills of Lading and other official documents
  • Providing expert advice on admiralty, brokerage, and cargo claims
  • Offering guidance on matters concerning P&I and FD&D Clubs
  • Assisting with vessel registration, financing, and mortgage
  • Facilitating maritime insurance
  • Addressing concerns surrounding environmental issues and pollution.

Why Choose United Advocates?

Deep Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in the maritime and shipping industry, providing clients with unparalleled knowledge and expertise in this highly specialized field.

Comprehensive Legal Services

We offer a variety of legal services to meet the unique needs of our shipping and maritime clients. From vessel registration to environmental compliance, we have the expertise to handle all legal aspects of your business.

Client-Focused Approach

We prioritize our client's needs and goals, working closely with them to develop tailored legal solutions that address their specific challenges and objectives.

Results-Driven Approach

Our team is dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for our clients. We are committed to finding the most effective legal solutions that will help our clients achieve their business objectives and goals.