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United Advocates successfully assisted in obtaining a Russian client a favorable judgement of AED 28,880,000 in the dispute regarding an overdue outstanding payment of cryptocurrency.

United Advocates managed to dismiss an unjust criminal investigation for forgery and breach of trust filed against a well-known electronics and appliances company in the region before the relevant authorities in Dubai.

United Advocates successfully evicted a number of tenant defaulters for their clients (landlords) by conducting negotiations and attaining favorable final judgements in their favor.

United Advocates assisted an eminent business man from South America by dismissing charges in a narcotics case based on valid legal reasonings.

United Advocates has facilitated to settle, remove attachments and arrest warrants for cases filed against a famous trading company by the banks in the UAE for amounts up to AED 300 Million.

United Advocates attained a successful court judgement wherein the court awarded civil compensation to our client, for misuse of legal rights by the opponent, who had previously filed an unmerited criminal case which was dismissed by the public prosecution.

United Advocates was recently appointed by the UAE subsidiary company of an international government in the nuclear and gas industry on a retainer basis.

United Advocates prepared an extremely complex legal opinion for a Spanish based company in relation to their dispute of approximately AED 300 Million with a governmental entity in the UAE.

United Advocates was successful in cancelling an extradition request issued by a European country based on justifiable and legal grounds.

United Advocates assisted to open a branch of an international company in Abu Dhabi in the defense and military consultancy sector.

United Advocates secured various final civil judgements for a well-known company in the fruit and vegetable industry in the UAE.

United Advocates successfully availed a final rental judgement for a famous sport and recreational facility in the Emirate of Dubai for a rent reduction and return of cheques due to unforeseen circumstances that arose due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

United Advocates was recently appointed by a very well know Spanish company involved in the energy, industrial, oil and gas sectors to provide a complicated advisory in relation to their contract and dispute with a government entity in the UAE for an amount of over AED 250 Million.

United Advocates successfully represented a well know sports and recreational club in Dubai before the rental dispute center and successfully settled the over AED 2 million rental dispute with the landlord on behalf of the client.

United Advocates acquitted a wrongfully accused individual in a substantiate criminal cheque case matter by successfully dismissing the case before the Dubai Public Prosecution by getting a favorable judgment for the client.

United Advocates got numerous successful civil judgments for renowned food and beverage company in the UAE before both Dubai Courts and DIFC Courts against various food retail outlets exceeding over AED 1 Million.

United Advocates represented a bank from Kazakhstan to initiate disclosure proceedings before Dubai Courts against Dubai based entities to track a total claim of approximately AED 60 million.

United Advocates recently represented a major company and obtained a favorable judgement by dismissing the claim of AED 60,000,000.

United Advocates successfully obtained judgement for compensation against a well-known medical clinic in Dubai due to medical negligence.

United Advocates succeeded in overruling the judgement for payment of AED 2,000,000 while representing a client and further dismissed the case.

United Advocates represents a well renowned local contractor in UAE and obtains a favorable judgement for a sum amount of USD 800,000.

United Advocates recently assisted a Chinese company in a trading dispute regarding an overdue outstanding payment and achieved a successful judgement of AED 600,000.

United Advocates has successfully acted for a Portuguese trading company and obtained an amicable judgement for the sum amount of $ 700,000.

United Advocates successfully represented a prominent regional analytical company in a complex labor dispute issue for the sum amount of AED 500,000.

United Advocates, in collaboration with the well-known Deheng Law offices of Beijing, has been appointed as local adviser by a Chinese provincial investment company in relation to an industrial project in the UAE. The value of the investment exceeds one billion dirhams.

United Advocates was recently appointed by a renowned Dutch company in the business of metal trading and mining in a civil dispute for an amount of USD 8 million

United Advocates is representing a high profile client in a DIFC-LCIA Arbitration regarding a property dispute against a Dubai based property developer.

United Advocates has been engaged by a multilateral organization to provide legal assistance regarding the investment of USD 1 billion in a developing country.

United Advocates has been appointed by a high net worth French client to carry out due diligence and provide advice on the procedures in relation to the purchase of multiple properties in Dubai.

United Advocates was engaged by an International client against a prominent UAE developer in an arbitration procedure which concluded with a settlement agreement.

United Advocates was recently appointed by a renowned University from India to provide expert legal advise for setting up a University in the UAE.

United Advocates recently assisted a well-organized European travel and tourism company to set up its branch in the UAE to provide services in the Middle East.

United Advocates is currently involved in a real estate arbitration case for an amount of AED 30 Million against one of the largest construction companies in the UAE.

United Advocates successfully finalised on behalf of a prominent real estate developer a complex settlement for a sum amount of AED 100 Million with a bank in the UAE.

United Advocates has recently been engaged by a prominent British owned real estate development company in the negotiation and formation of a local Joint Venture for a property development project in the Emirates of Dubai.

United Advocates succeeded in nullification of Arbitration award in front of the Dubai Courts dated 28 July 2016.

United Advocates has recently been engaged by a prominent oil and gas company for negotiation and restructuring debts of AED 73 million.

United Advocates successfully represented a well-known UAE contractor in attaching the liquidation of a $75 million bank guarantee against a major international contractor.

United Advocates are advising several Chinese public listed companies in relation to the setting up of their regional offices in the UAE.

United Advocates has successfully acted for Singaporean subcontractor in reaching a settlement after commencing arbitration proceedings against a major UAE contractor.

United Advocates has been engaged by a Chinese investor to represent it in the negotiation and formation of a local Joint Venture to carry out an exclusive property development project in Dubai.

United Advocates advises a major Chinese contractor in relation to a construction related litigation against a well-known UAE contractor.

United Advocates advises a leading transportation company operator in the bidding of a concession project for the Dubai Road and Transport Department (RTA).

United Advocates provided expert UAE law opinion to a well-known Malaysian law firm in relation to a matter in the Malaysian High Court.

United Advocates successfully achieved an amicable settlement of $ 18 million for a client with a prominent regional developer.

United Advocates advises one of the largest food producers in Mexico establishing operations in the UAE and beyond the region

United Advocates represents one of the largest European contracting companies in arbitration proceedings in the UAE.

United Advocates is currently liaising with governmental authorities in Latin America to prepare a significant round of ‘How to do Business in the UAE’. The business forums will take place in Latin American starting from April 2016.

United Advocates is currently advising a number of European citizens with complex criminal charges before the UAE authorities.

United Advocates advises a Middle Eastern client in an Arbitration matter against a Local Oil and Gas regarding disparity of funds amounting to $34 million and successfully attaining a settlement.

United Advocates represents a major local company in Arbitration proceedings involving claims of $ 30 million pertaining to a dispute that rose between a major developer and contractor.

United Advocates provides assistance in the restructuring of a major company involved in the Oil & Gas industry.

United Advocates successfully assisted a local religious community in the resolution of a dispute involving its place of worship.

United Advocates assisted in a complex international maritime dispute involving a prominent local firm and one of the largest shipping companies based in India.

United Advocates is representing a capital investor in an AED 500 million project in Dubai.

United Advocates is representing a client in the DIFC Courts regarding a property dispute worth AED 2 million.