Walid Jumaa


Walid Jumaa

Founding Partner / CEO
Dubai Office

Walid Gomaa is the Founding Partner, CEO and the Legal Manager of United Advocates and had successfully managed several law firms in the UAE prior to forming United Advocates. Exposure to various business cultures and widely divergent professionals ensures his comfort level in working for a wide variety of law firms. He strives to make United Advocates the best by providing world class client service and relying on the professional management anchored by the Executive Team. He is keen in experimenting and implementing tailor-made policies and strategies which has added to his management career. He has a proven track record of leadership qualities and clients appreciate his insight into their legal needs and clear communication skills. He has delivered value to clients through synthesis of disparate information that he acquired through his keen understanding of the Law Firms. His achievements complements his knowledge in crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals. Through his experience and knowledge he has built up a strong contact network including both local and international clients. He has developed an exceptional background in people and case management and a professional style based on inter-personal communication skills and an ability to make the best possible use of his contact network.

Professional Experience

• Former CEO of Consolidated Advocates
• Former CEO of Abdulla Al-Ali & Associates
• Former Contracts Consultant at Abdulla Al-Ali & Associates
• Former General Coordinator and Deputy Chairman of Yes Property Investment.
• Former Head of Contracts Department at Yes Property Investment

His Sharia Publications:

• How the Prophet of Islam Treated Animals
• The Book of Fasting
• The Provisions of Zakat El Fitr and Eid.
• The Provisions of the Fasting


BA degree from University of Mansoura – Egypt

LLM from USA