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Dubai Courts Ease Inheritance Case Procedures for Residents and Expatriates

The Dubai Courts have unveiled a significant overhaul in their procedures for handling inheritance cases, simplifying the process for both residents and expatriates. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance access to justice and streamline legal processes for the public.

Traditionally, dealing with inheritance matters has been a complex and time-consuming endeavour, often requiring extensive paperwork and multiple legal consultations. The new measures introduced by the Dubai Courts aim to alleviate these burdens by cutting down on bureaucracy and reducing the time needed to open an inheritance file.

Key Features of the New Process

Simplified Documentation: The Dubai Courts have minimized the number of required documents to open an inheritance file, focusing solely on the essential paperwork. This change means less time and effort spent compiling and submitting documents.

Online Submission Portal: A major development is the introduction of an online portal for electronic submission of inheritance files. This user-friendly portal guides applicants step-by-step through the process, making it accessible even to those with limited legal knowledge.

Support Services: Dedicated support services have been established to assist individuals in navigating the new system. These services include help desks at court premises, a hotline for inquiries, and online chat services available on the Dubai Courts’ website.

Faster Processing Times: The new system significantly reduces the review and processing times for inheritance files. The Dubai Courts have allocated additional resources to ensure that most inheritance cases are finalized within a few weeks.

Clear Guidelines and FAQs: To further aid the public, the Dubai Courts have published detailed guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their website. These resources provide clear instructions on how to prepare and submit inheritance files, what documents are needed, and how to follow up on the status of a case.

This new system is designed to benefit a diverse range of individuals in Dubai, particularly expatriates who may find dealing with inheritance matters in a foreign legal system daunting. The new measures aim to make this process more accessible and understandable.