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Ali Aghfar Rizvi


Ali Aghfar Rizvi

Senior Program and Project Manager Resonance

“Eric is an excellent lawyer and a pleasure to work with, I’ve worked with Eric in a very large and high-profile arbitration, and he was always very effective and switched on. Eric can grasp the essence of the issues, even the very technical ones, very quickly and accurately with no difficulties at all. Eric’s legal experience and knowledge are not limited to one jurisdiction; rather, he has extensive knowledge of the law in various jurisdictions and is able to compare and contrast the legal position of many countries, whether under common or civil law jurisdictions.

Eric’s wide and diverse experience combined with extensive technical background, strong and in-depth legal knowledge, and his research and analytical skills make him a very capable lawyer on all sides, whether strategic, tactical, legal or technical. He is able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for the case at hand. At the same time, Eric is very personable, easily gains the trust of clients and the team, and is certainly a pleasure to work with.”