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Execution Procedures in the UAE for Civil Cases Before Mainland Courts

Upon securing a final court judgement, a judgement creditor needs to initiate execution procedures via the court for recoveries of the judgement amount. Such a request needs to be made upon submitting an application to the execution department of the courts of the relevant Emirate.

Once the execution proceedings have been filed, the judgement debtor will be summoned by the court execution department to either settle the debt amount within fifteen days or to object to the execution (as applicable).

In the event that the judgement debtor does not settle or object to the execution within the stipulated time frame; then the execution procedures shall commence.

Accordingly, such execution procedures can then be enforced by submitting requests to the court execution department to:

  • Block the license of the company (in the case of a corporate debtor).
  • Investigate and then attach the available bank accounts of the judgement debtor.
  • Investigate movable assets of the judgement debtor through government departments for attachment and sale of such assets, if available.
  • Investigate real estate properties of the judgement debtor through the land department and their attachment and sale; if existing.
  • Investigate and attach stocks, bonds, and shares of the judgement debtor; if any.
  • Initiate possible bankruptcy proceedings against the judgement debtor (if applicable, on a case-to-case basis).
  • As a final resort, make a request for the issuance of an arrest warrant against the judgement debtor in his personal capacity.

The estimated timeline for recoveries through the above court execution procedures depends on the investigations and available assets of the judgement debtor.

It must be noted that writs of execution shall not be enforced if they are left unenforced for fifteen years from the date of the last enforcement process, or if left for the same period since their issuance date without enforcement.

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