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Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Our team of legal professionals assist clients across diverse industries in acquiring, securing, enforcing, and defending their intellectual property rights. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our lawyers and consultants cater to a broad client base, addressing trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters. We conduct thorough assessments of clients’ existing and potential intellectual property portfolios to identify potential risks and collaborate on devising efficient protection strategies.

We provide comprehensive guidance to clients of all sizes on the optimal practices and strategies for safeguarding their information, as well as data they handle on behalf of others, from unauthorized access or disclosure to compliance with data protection regulations. Our meticulous drafting of contracts and enforcement of handling protocols serve to mitigate the risks and liabilities associated with data breaches.

By gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ business operations, we tailor data security systems that seamlessly integrate into their workflows, ensuring optimal protection while minimizing disruption.

Key Contacts

Shoeb Saher

Intellectual Property & Data Protection

Arihant Mohta

Intellectual Property & Data Protection

Hassan Malik

Intellectual Property & Data Protection