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Ravindra Modgekar Desai

Abdullah Al Awadi & Associates

“Shoeb and I worked together at du when he was seconded from the law firm Habib Al Mulla for a short period. Shoeb provided superb legal support on a wide variety of commercial telco matters at du. I contacted Shoeb in the recent past to get his opinion on an employment matter. Unlike many other lawyers who immediately try to seize such an opportunity to convert it to billable hours, Shoeb was quick to give a spontaneous yet pragmatic solution. Shoeb also suggested several options that the business could consider. The management adopted one of Shoeb’s action plans which provided a delicate balance between the employer’s and employees’ rights. Hence a seemingly difficult situation was concluded amicably without much legal implications. Shoeb’s down to earth attitude coupled with his fantastic local law experience makes him approachable on any employment law matters in the UAE and I would not hesitate to refer any complicated labour matters to him. I wish Shoeb all success in his career.”

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