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A Talk on What You Need to Know When Doing Business in the UAE

On 5 September 2019, our Head of International Practice & Special Projects, Mr Eric Teo gave a talk to the Malaysian government agencies in Dubai. The talk was attended by the new Consul General of Malaysia in Dubai, Tuan Mohd Hasril Abdul Hamid and various heads of agencies from the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, Malaysian Trade, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysian Timber Council and Education Malaysia.

During the talk, Mr Teo briefly explained the UAE legal system and common business practices that foreign investors should know when doing business in the UAE. In recent years, the UAE government has been very proactive in implementing various new measures and giving incentives to foreign investors – our firm sees this as a great initiative by the UAE government in growing its foreign direct investment (FDI) and attracting high calibre workforce into the country. Our firm believes in providing insightful legal and business information as our contribution to encourage and provide guidance to foreign investors.