United Advocates

United Advocates received a breakthrough judgement from the Dubai court of appeal after reaffirming the longstanding precedent to settle commercial disputes relating to the dispute of jurisdiction

It was concluded that Dubai Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction whenever it is evident that disputed parties’ residency falls within the jurisdiction of the Dubai courts, even in cases whereby parties opt-in for foreign jurisdiction to govern the contract.

United Advocates secured a remarkable judgement for their clients. The Dubai Court of appeal held that the Dubai court had jurisdiction to hear a dispute and struck down the court’s decision of the first instance despite one of the underlying contract clauses expressly stating that the jurisdiction of the foreign contract shall be applied. The judgement provides insightful guidance on when Dubai Courts shall have jurisdiction by the federal law on civil transactional law. It is stipulated that the claimant’s right to receive justice can not be bargained. It is the parties’ choice to initiate a lawsuit in a jurisdiction that has agreed upon or carried out all duties that have been or ought to be delivered within the Dubai court’s jurisdiction.